Don’t Date the Movie Star (Hollywood Starlight 1)
By Eva Caper

When unemployed costumer Marian Fitzgerald sneaks into a glamorous Hollywood party hoping for a one-on-one with her costume-design idol, she gets an unexpected assist (and a hot, spine-tingling kiss) from famously icy movie star Luke Gable. But when the paparazzi are everywhere and magic is just another special effect, can a midnight kiss survive a 6:00 a.m. call time, a no-dating-coworkers rule, and a secret that could make or break Marian’s career?

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Hollywood Starlight: Rafe’s Book
By Eva Caper | Coming 2021

Rebel rockstar Rafe Aston has sworn off love. He’s got enough material for a million breakup songs, and these days he’d rather sneak home through his neighbor’s rose garden and trade his skin-tight jeans for sweatpants. But when the girl who got away inherits the mansion next door (and the garden he’s been sneaking through) under mysterious circumstances, Rafe wonders if he might have one more love song in him after all.

Hollywood Starlight: Tiffany’s Book
By Eva Caper | Coming 2021

Tiffany Beretta might be a somewhat jaded movie star on her third divorce, but there’s one man she can always trust: her lawyer, Joe York. When a dangerously hot kiss at a masquerade gala threatens their professional relationship, Tiffany has to decide: Does she want her friendship with Joe to stay safe? Or can she trust him to be the last man she falls in love with?

Hollywood Starlight: Harry’s Book
By Eva Caper | Coming 2021

When Oscar-winning screenwriter Harry Zeller is hired to punch up a big-budget cheesy musical that’s halfway through shooting and already an infamous train wreck, he takes the paycheck on the condition they keep his name out of it. But there’s one person who’s still taking this movie seriously: dance captain and chorus girl Ella London, who’s not about to let Harry phone it in. Sparks fly between Harry and Ella. But how can a man who specializes in words and a woman who specializes in communicating without them ever get on the same page?

photo credit: Koala, @koalathedesigner, courtesy of Unsplash