The Witch of Inis Mór 
A Short Story by Luna Woodward | 2021

When Connell is killed by a man determined to rid Ireland of ghosts—and the witches who welcome them every Samhain—he becomes a ghost himself, doomed to wander the isle of Inis Mór. But now, a hundred years later, there’s a new witch on the island and Connell’s life (or rather his death) will never be the same again.

Hollywood Starlight: Rafe’s Book
By Eva Caper | 2021

Rebel rockstar Rafe Aston has sworn off love. He’s got enough material for a million breakup songs, and these days he’d rather sneak home through his neighbor’s rose garden and trade his skin-tight jeans for sweatpants. But when the girl who got away inherits the mansion next door (and the garden he’s been sneaking through) under mysterious circumstances, Rafe wonders if he might have one more love song in him after all.